The maternity passport was introduced in Germany in 1961. For almost 60 years now, the little light blue booklet has been in existence, in which the most important examination results of maternity care are entered. Now and then there have been one or two innovations, but on the whole the maternity passport has remained what it has always been: a small booklet with laboratory stickers and often illegible handwritten entries.

From a sober point of view, the good old maternity pass booklet is getting on in years and no longer really fits into the digital age. The Mother's Passport 2.0 - internet-capable and smartphone-compatible - has been waiting in the wings for a long time.

Even though there are many good arguments in favour of a Online mother's passport which in future will of course also fit in your handbag in printed form, my personal farewell to the analogue booklet is somewhat wistful. After all, the maternity passport is more than just the written documentation of medical examination results.

Even before the mother-to-be's belly starts to bulge, the mother's passport is the visible proof of pregnancy; it is support and hope in the first time of uncertainty. You can put a little coat on it that you have sewn yourself, stuff it full of notes, prescriptions and ultrasound pictures and put your coffee cup down on it. At the end of a pregnancy, life has also left its mark on the mother's passport and given it a very special sentimental value. I am curious to see if the Online maternity passport can keep up ...