Counseling before abortion

Pregnancy is not always desired. An unwanted pregnancy is a great burden for every woman and the decision for or against an abortion is difficult. We are aware of the special situation of the women concerned and would like to provide them with comprehensive information and medical support.

If you are pregnant and considering an abortion, we recommend that you first talk to a state-approved counseling center. There you will receive professional help with your decision - and in the case of an abortion also the consultation certificate. You must present this to the practice that performs the abortion. An abortion is possible at the earliest three days after the consultation.

In Stuttgart, you can contact the following counseling centers.

Municipal advice center

pro familia 

donum vitae

Evangelical society

Explanatory video about the process of the consultation:

Counseling before abortion

Drug abortion with Mifegyne

Medicinal abortion with Mifegyne® is an alternative to the surgical procedures. The drug Mifegyne® blocks the action of the corpus luteum hormone (progesterone), preventing the pregnancy from progressing. After taking Mifegyne®, an additional prostaglandin (a hormone-like messenger) is administered 36 - 48 hours later, which triggers bleeding and expulsion of the fruit.

In exceptional cases, the pregnancy tissue is not completely expelled, so that a surgical curettage (post curettage). is necessary.

Compared to the surgical procedure, the medical abortion is physically gentler. However, the psychological strain can be greater due to the conscious experience of the miscarriage. The discussion at the counseling center can also help you decide between the two procedures.

Appointment and procedure

In our practice, we perform medical abortions up to the 49th day after the beginning of the last menstrual period - which corresponds to the 7th week of pregnancy. (If necessary, it is also possible Surgical abortion up to the 12th SSW is possible).

If you would like to make an appointment, you can call us at: 0711-907 13 907 or send us a Message letter. We will then call you back.

To make an appointment, it is not necessary that the pregnancy has already been diagnosed by a doctor. A referral from your gynecological practice is also not required.

Für den medikamentösen Abbruch werden zwei Termine in unserer Praxis vereinbart.

At the 1st appointment, the examination, determination of pregnancy by ultrasound and the explanatory talk take place. Mifegyne® is taken in the presence of the doctor. The prostaglandin is usually given to you so that you can take it at home two days later. You will receive a detailed written schedule, and if you wish, also a sick note.

At the 2nd appointment about 2-3 weeks later, ultrasound is used to check whether the pregnancy tissue has been completely expelled.

What do you need to bring to your appointment?

  • Your insurance card
  • written certificate from the counseling center
  • If applicable, assumption of costs by the health insurance company
  • written certificate about your blood group (a blood group quick test is possible in our practice as a self-pay service)
  • If applicable, declaration of consent of the legal guardians

Detailed information in our flyer (German and English) for download:

Drug abortion

Medical pregnancy termination