Outpatient surgeries

In cooperation with the Anesthesia practice clinic in Stuttgart we perform the following outpatient operations:

If the insertion or change of an IUD is considered too painful, we also offer the insertion under a short anesthesia. In individual cases - if, for example, the retrieval thread can no longer be grasped - the removal of an IUD under anesthesia is also necessary.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy uses an endoscope to view the inside of the uterus. This endoscopic diagnostic procedure enables the evaluation of abnormal vaginal sonographic findings, e.g. suspected polyps, corpus carcinoma or suspicious endometrial findings.

During this procedure, tissue is obtained from the uterus for diagnostic purposes to clarify abnormal vaginal sonographic findings. Likewise, it can be used for therapy in cases of increased menstrual bleeding.

If pregnancy tissue still remains in the uterus in the case of a miscarriage or a drug-induced abortion, an abrasio (scraping/palpation) must be performed to prevent inflammation. In the case of a restrained miscarriage (missed abortion), suction followed by abrasio is also possible.

We perform surgical abortions up to the 12th week of pregnancy (calculated from the 1st day of the last period).
During this procedure, the pregnancy tissue is first suctioned out of the uterus. This is a particularly gentle method of abortion. Afterwards, a surgical spoon (curette) must be used to make sure that no tissue remains in the uterine cavity.
(You will find the legal requirements and references to the counseling centers under the menu item "Conflict pregnancy")

Procedure and appointment

Before all surgical procedures, you will be examined and advised in detail. This can take place both in the practice and directly in the Anesthesia practice clinic take place.

Before a procedure under anesthesia, you must remain sober. Afterwards, you must not drive on the road or be alone at home for 24 hours. Please arrange to be picked up from the clinic. We will discuss the details with you when you make your appointment.

We offer all operations to our own and external patients. If you would like to make an appointment please contact us at
0711 - 907 13 907 or send us a Message. We will call you back.

Detailed information in our flyer for download:

Outpatient surgeries

Anesthesia Practice Clinic

The Anesthesia practice clinic of Dr. med. A. Rahmany (specialist for anesthesiology) enables operating specialists of different disciplines to cooperate with anesthesiologists and provides the necessary space, equipment, instruments and personnel.

In addition, postoperative care or follow-up at hospital level and the possibility of an overnight stay, if necessary, are provided.

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Anesthesia practice clinic