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In regular blog posts, our staff member Hille Franke describes observations and impressions from the practice. News or tips that are interesting for a gynaecological practice also have their place here. It's worth a click!



403, 2023

Baby visit to the practice:
The slide show is open!

March2023|General, Practice, Pregnancy|0 Comments

Since a few days we have a "baby screen" again. On a large screen in the entrance area of the practice now runs a slide show of all baby pictures that the new parents have kindly provided us via upload to our homepage. [read more...]

402, 2023

Pap smear & Co:
Internal training for early cancer detection

00February, 2023|General, cancer care, female staff, practice|0 Comments

After a long break from Corona, we finally had another internal training session a few days ago: A meeting of the whole practice team with one of the female doctors, detailed, professional information on a topic of your choice and a good opportunity to get to know each other in [read more...]