In our survey on IUD insertion, we also wanted to know whether the procedure was perceived as uncomfortable or painful. This question is certainly on the minds of many who are looking for non-hormonal contraception and who might want to have a Copper coil, Copper chain or a Copper bead ball IUD insertion.

Of course, inserting an IUD is not a procedure you want to go through every day. However, the pain is quite short and most patients cope well with the procedure. It is also helpful to take a painkiller about an hour before the procedure.

Of the 50 patients interviewed, almost half described the pain as "well tolerable" or "tolerable". In this case, "unpleasant" could also be credited.

However, some patients found the insertion painful or even extremely painful. We hope, of course, that these patients have also quickly overcome the unpleasant experience and now appreciate the advantages of long-term contraception (up to 5 years).

How did you feel about the insertion of the IUD? Number
quite tolerable 8
bearable 15
uncomfortable 6
painful 13
Extremely painful 8