Pregnant women cannot be vaccinated against the Corona virus for the time being.
The reason is simple: scientific data on the mode of action and tolerability of the Corona vaccine during pregnancy is still lacking.

Expectant mothers and children are subject to special protection and, for ethical reasons alone, are in principle not among the test subjects in the development of a new drug. A vaccine against COVID 19 has therefore not yet been approved for them.

However, vaccination is recommended for the close contacts of pregnant women.
They belong to the group that should be vaccinated with "high priority" - according to theLegal ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health.

This vaccination recommendation should be taken seriously by all those who are affected by it - even if they consider themselves to be "safe". Vaccination against SARS-CoV2 is an act of consideration and solidarity for expectant fathers, family members as well as all those who are professionally involved with pregnant women. Contrary to the initial assumption of the scientists, the latest study results indicate that an increased risk of a severe course of the disease cannot be ruled out for pregnant women.
(German Society for Gynaecology and Obstetrics).

In order to be vaccinated, contact persons need the following documents: