Gynefix copper chain

Die Gynefix-Kupferkette ist eine Weiterentwicklung der klassischen Spirale und gehört ebenfalls zu den intrauterinen, nicht hormonellen Verhütungsmitteln. Sie besteht aus einem kleinen biegsamen Kettchen mit 4 oder 6 Kupferperlen (Gynefix 200 / Gynefix 330 und Gynefix 10) und ist besser verträglich als eine starre Spiralenform.

Mode of action: The copper ions, which are released by the copper chain in small quantities, reduce the mobility of the sperm and prevent the implantation of a fertilised egg in the uterus. The hormone balance is not affected. The natural cycle is maintained and ovulation takes place normally.


Insertion: The Gynefix copper chain is inserted through the cervix into the uterus during the period with the help of an insertion sleeve. A small thickening at the upper end of the chain allows it to be fixed in the muscle tissue of the uterus. During the procedure there may be a pulling pain, but this is generally easy to bear. If you wish, we can also place the copper chain under a short anaesthetic.

Possible complaints and complications: Due to the mobility of the copper chain, Gynefix is well tolerated. However, in the beginning you may experience abdominal pain, increased menstrual bleeding, intermenstrual bleeding or spotting. After a period of getting used to the product, these symptoms generally disappear. In rare cases, the Gynefix may be expelled again.

Position control: The position of the Gynefix can be checked at any time via the retrieval thread that protrudes from the cervix. In addition, regular ultrasound examinations are recommended every 6 months to ensure the contraceptive effect. It is particularly important to check the position after the first menstrual period.

Removal: The copper chain, like all other IUDs, can be easily and painlessly removed at any time with the help of the retrieval thread. Afterwards, fertility quickly returns to normal. Pregnancy is possible again immediately.

Duration of use: up to 5 years (Gynefix 200/330) / up to 10 years (Gynefix 10)

Security: Very high security with a Pearl index of 0.1 - 0.9.

Costs: The insertion of an IUD is a self-pay service and is not charged to the health insurance fund.

Für wen ist Gynefix zu empfehlen? Die Gynefix-Kupferkette eignet sich für alle Frauen, die langfristig und ohne Hormone verhüten wollen. Durch die lange Anwendungsdauer von 5 bzw. 10 Jahren ist sie z.B. nach Abschluss der Familienplanung eine gute Alternative zu einer Sterilisation. Da sich die flexible Kupferkette der individuellen Größe der Gebärmutterhöhle anpasst, kann sie auch von Frauen verwendet werden, die noch keine Kinder geboren haben.

If you are interested in the insertion of the Gynefix copper chain, please send us a message. a messageso that we can clarify the further procedure directly.