Copper Bead Ball
(IntraUterinBall - IUB)

The copper bead ball is the newest of the intra-uterine, non-hormonal contraceptives. The special feature of the contraceptive ball is the flexible carrier thread made of Nitinola high-tech material that is mainly used for implants, e.g. for Stents for constricted blood vessels. Products made of Nitinol can be deformed at will, but always return to their original ("pre-programmed") shape.

This material property makes it possible for the carrier thread of the IUB with the threaded copper beads to be inserted into the uterus through a narrow tube (diameter 3.2 mm). In the uterine cavity - immediately after insertion - the carrier thread forms a spherical structure with a diameter of about 15 mm. The now spherically shaped IUB lies flexibly and freely in the uterus.


Mode of action: As with conventional copper IUDs, the released copper ions weaken the mobility of the sperm and thus prevent fertilisation of the egg. The hormone balance is not affected. Ovulation takes place normally.

Insertion: The carrier thread with the threaded copper beads is inserted into the uterus through a narrow tube. The three-dimensional spherical shape of the IUB only unfolds in the uterine cavity. If possible, the insertion should take place during the period. If desired, we can also place the copper bead ball under a short anaesthetic.

Possible discomfort and complications: As with all IUDs, light bleeding, initial abdominal pain, heavier menstrual bleeding and spotting are possible. During the procedure and in the first few hours afterwards, there may be a pulling pain, but this is generally well tolerated. In rare cases, the copper bead ball can be expelled again.

Position control: The position of the IUD can be checked at any time via the retrieval thread that protrudes from the cervix. In addition, regular ultrasound examinations are recommended every 6 months to ensure the contraceptive effect. A check after the first menstrual period is particularly important.

Removal: A double retrieval thread allows for easy removal of the IUB. When the copper bead ball is pulled, the spherical shape of the carrier thread dissolves again, allowing painless removal.

Application period: 5 years

Safety: high safety with a Pearl index of 0.3 - 0.8.

Costs: The insertion of an IUD is a self-pay service and is not charged to the health insurance fund.

If you are interested in inlaying a copper bead ball, it is best to send us A messageso that we can clarify the further procedure directly.