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I dedicate my blog post today to Lothar:

Lothar is the son of our colleague and co-worker Saskia Hauber, who recently became a mother. Congratulations, dear Saskia! Welcome, dear Lothar!

Yes, Lothar, you have now become a little citizen of the earth, reaching for happiness with your little hands and looking into the world with wide eyes. What will become of you one day? Your parents will have fantasies, dreams, and certainly wishes for your future. But you'll probably do your own thing. That's what children do.

We wish you in any case a lot of love and security! We wish you curiosity about life, lots of strength and courage. If something goes wrong, take it easy and just try again. Keep cool when your parents are annoyed. Parents are like that - sometimes you have to be understanding. But there's still a long way to go. And little Lothar, I'm sure you'll go your own way.