New acquisition of the ultrasound device:
Technical heart of the practice

At this point, I must devote a little time to technology - or more precisely, to the medical technology at the heart of the practice. Because what would our prenatal diagnostics without a high-tech ultrasound scanner? From the very beginning, high-level ultrasound diagnostics have been part of the central service offering of our [ read more...]

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Technical heart of the practice

Prenatal DNA test:
Health insurance coverage if indicated

We have been offering the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for trisomies 13,18 and 21 (Down syndrome) in our practice for many years. Since 1.7.2022, the costs are covered by the statutory health insurance if there is an indication and after careful consultation with the attending physician. After [ read more...]

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Cash benefit if indicated.

Baby TV or ultrasound check?

"Baby cinema banned from 2021" - the headline is short, clear, crisp. A good headline, a real eye-catcher.

What can be read in many newspapers, magazines and online portals at the turn of the year will probably worry expectant parents. Is ultrasound so harmful that it must be banned? Are ultrasound examinations during [ read more...]

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Prenatal DNA test: health insurance coverage in risk cases

The prenatal DNA test for the early detection of a trisomy (e.g. Down syndrome/trisomy 21) has been available in Germany since 2012. The discussion about whether the costs will be covered by statutory health insurance has been going on for almost as long.

The examination of the facts took a while, now it is completed:

The Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) of physicians, hospitals and health insurers [ read more...]

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Artificial insemination: designer baby according to blueprint

Well, that's just the right topic for the start of the year and an exciting look into the future: "Designer baby according to blueprint" - an interesting article on the science page of the "Welt describes the possibilities of reproductive medicine, artificial insemination and [ read more...]

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