Well, that's the right topic for the beginning of the year and an exciting outlook into the future: "Designer baby according to blueprint" - an interesting article on the Science page of the "Welt describes the possibilities of reproductive medicine, artificial insemination and genetic research.

Egg donation, sperm donation, fertilisation in the Petri dish, genetic selection, carrying the pregnancy to term through a surrogate mother ... it makes you wonder. Is natural pregnancy a discontinued model? Some may be terrified of such a future. Others see artificial insemination as the blessing of modern medicine that can prevent unwanted childlessness, preventable diseases or disabilities. Both sides are understandable. Decisions of conscience are individual.

One thing is clear: the development of high-tech reproductive medicine with all its social consequences will be unstoppable. In view of globalisation, regulation by national ethics committees, such as in Germany, remains without consequences. What does not work here, works elsewhere.

But what is possible and what is not? For anyone who wants to find out about the legal situation in Germany, the following sites are recommended: