Tomorrow, January 31, the mask requirement for staff in doctors' offices will be dropped. However, this does not apply to patients. They must continue to wear an FFP 2 mask when entering a doctor's office. Reason for the odd squiggle in the Corona measures: The requirement for staff to wear masks is not included in the Baden-Württemberg Corona ordinance and has now been repealed, while that of patients is regulated in the Infection Protection Act of the Federal and that will remain the case for the time being.

As much as we as a practice team are of course pleased to be freed from wearing masks for hours (!), it is also difficult for us to continue to ask patients to put on the mask. In fact, it is not easy to justify. If the new regulation is perceived as unfair, that is understandable. One consolation: even this regulation will probably only be in effect until April 7, and after three long Corona years, we'll get the little bit of mask-on and mask-off down pat.

For the protection of our pregnant patients, we will continue to wear our mask in close contact - e.g. during laboratory tests or when applying the CTG. Of course, this also applies to all patients who wish to do so for their personal protection. In this case, please let us know!