After a long break from Corona, we finally had another internal training session a few days ago:
A meeting of the entire practice team with one of the doctors, detailed, professional information on a topic of your choice and a good opportunity to clarify medical questions in peace.

This time it was about the early detection of cervical cancer and the cytological smear test of the cervix - and there were many questions: Pap I, Pap II, Pap III ... at what point is a finding cause for concern? HPV high risk and low risk ... how do you get infected, what are the consequences? Can cell changes simply heal again?

For us employees, the internal training courses are always very valuable. It's a good feeling to be professionally involved, to understand procedures better and to be able to answer patients' questions competently. In addition, the joint teaching sessions are a great contribution to a good working atmosphere and a motivational boost for all of us. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Piro, who took the time for us and "Pap smear & Co"!