"Where is actually the nearest defibrillator?" - the question that arose in the course of our Emergency seminar is still waiting for an answer:

My search for the "defi" started with google. Sure. After some wandering through the jungle of different mobile phone apps, finally the answer to There is supposed to be a defi in the "Gerber" at the Infopoint! Not exactly in the immediate vicinity and not an option for a real emergency. Nevertheless: My natural distrust of the digital world demands a fact check.

The Gerber Infopoint is quickly found via the main entrance. A few clarifying sentences "Defi? What is a defi?" "Defibrillator? What is a defibrillator?" open the right cupboard door. Voila! Found it!

The conclusion: the density of defibrillators around Rotebühlplatz and the Knowledge about the electronic lifesavers can still be expanded. After all, cardiovascular failure is one of the most frequent causes of death in Germany. Rapid resuscitation with cardiac pressure massage and the timely use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) increases a patient's chance of survival by up to 55 percent.