Since 2020, new legal provisions for the early detection of cervical cancer have been in force.
The most important change concerns patients from the age of 35 who are covered by statutory health insurance and who are now offered regular testing for human papilloma viruses as part of their cancer screening.

The HPV test is combined with the conventional cytological smear test of the cervix (cancer/Pap smear test) and is covered by the health insurance funds every three years. However, regular gynaecological examinations for early cancer detection are still recommended once a year - irrespective of the cell smear test - and are also paid for by the statutory health insurers.

For all patients over 35 who would like to continue having a Pap smear once a year, we offer a cell smear in thin-layer cytology (ThinPrep) as a self-responsible health service.

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Examinations for the early detection of cancer