Empfohlen für Schwangere, Stillende und Frauen mit Kinderwunsch

Das Corona-Virus bleibt uns treu. Covid dreht eine neue Runde durch die Bevölkerung, die Infektionszahlen steigen, viele machen ihre zweite oder dritte Erkrankung durch. Einschneidende Maßnahmen bleiben uns diesmal jedoch erspart – sofern uns nicht eine neue Virusvariante einen Strich durch die Rechnung macht.

So treu wie [weiterlesen…]

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Corona Booster during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Vaccination against Covid 19 for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers has already been recommended since September 2021. Nevertheless, the need for advice regarding basic immunization and booster vaccination is still high. The worries of expectant parents and the fear of doing something wrong and harming the child, [ read more...]

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STIKO recommendation: Corona vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Vaccination against Covid 19 is recommended by the Vaccination Commission (STIKO) now also recommends vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since pregnant women have an increased risk of a severe course of Covid 19 disease, this recommendation is good news and makes it easier for us to advise our [ read more...]

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Corona vaccination: Protect pregnant women and newborns!

Pregnant women cannot be vaccinated against the Corona virus for the time being.
The reason is simple: scientific data on the mode of action and tolerability of the Corona vaccine during pregnancy is still lacking.

Expectant mothers and children are subject to special protection and, for ethical reasons alone, are in principle not among the test subjects [ read more...]

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Corona: Consultation hours despite lockdown

So, now we have entered another round in the fight against the Corona pandemic. The infection figures are rising, there are new rules and now also a strict lockdown.

On this occasion, once again the current information for our patients:

Our practice is open and consultation hours run during our opening hours.

When [ read more...]

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Gyn-Koe70 on Zoom: Team Talk in Corona Times

What the chancellor and the prime ministers can do, we have been able to do for a long time. Whether it's the Corona meeting, the G20 summit or the Gyn-Koe70 meeting: nowadays people confer online. And so this time we came together with the practice team for our regular meeting on Zoom.

Although we missed the Italian antipasti with which we usually - [ read more...]

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Corona: Office hours are on!

It's been months now since the beautiful picture with the rainbow fell into our hands when we were tidying up the waiting room in the evening. Cheerful, colourful, a bit chaotic - it goes without saying that this is going into our art-in-the-waiting-room gallery.

Who would have thought that a quarter later it would become the Corona consolation picture. The [ read more...]

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