Tara was born a few weeks ago. A strapping little girl: 51 cm tall, weighing 3780 g, a real doozy, a real progenitor, a bundle of joy!

We have known Tara for a long time. For months we have accompanied her growth and development with joy and good wishes. From the first ultrasound picture, she was part of the team: Tara, the daughter of our colleague and co-worker Ivana Culic.

Dear Ivana, we congratulate you and your family from the bottom of our hearts! Dear Tara, we welcome you and wish you all the best for the life that now lies ahead of you. You are big and strong and will make your fortune!
Unfortunately, we will have to do without your mum in the practice for a while, but we are happy to do so for you. After all, you are part of the team!