STIKO recommendation: Corona vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women

Vaccination against Covid 19 is recommended by the Vaccination Commission (STIKO) now also recommends vaccination for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Since pregnant women have an increased risk of a severe course of Covid 19 disease, this recommendation is good news and makes it easier for us to advise our [ read more...]

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Corona vaccination: Protect pregnant women and newborns!

Pregnant women cannot be vaccinated against the Corona virus for the time being.
The reason is simple: scientific data on the mode of action and tolerability of the Corona vaccine during pregnancy is still lacking.

Expectant mothers and children are subject to special protection and, for ethical reasons alone, are in principle not among the test subjects [ read more...]

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Baby TV or ultrasound check?

"Baby cinema banned from 2021" - the headline is short, clear, crisp. A good headline, a real eye-catcher.

What can be read in many newspapers, magazines and online portals at the turn of the year will probably worry expectant parents. Is ultrasound so harmful that it must be banned? Are ultrasound examinations during [ read more...]

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Influenza and whooping cough: Vaccinations for pregnant women

For years now, we have been offering our pregnant patients the annual vaccination against seasonal flu (influenza).
The flu vaccination is explicitly recommended for expectant mothers from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. We have now received the first delivery of the vaccine and have started vaccinating.

What's new now is the [ read more...]

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Prenatal DNA test: health insurance coverage in risk cases

The prenatal DNA test for the early detection of a trisomy (e.g. Down syndrome/trisomy 21) has been available in Germany since 2012. The discussion about whether the costs will be covered by statutory health insurance has been going on for almost as long.

The examination of the facts took a while, now it is completed:

The Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) of physicians, hospitals and health insurers [ read more...]

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The Mother's Passport Booklet: An obituary

The maternity passport was introduced in Germany in 1961. For almost 60 years now, the small light blue booklet has been in existence, in which the most important examination results of maternity care are entered. From time to time, there have been a few innovations, but on the whole, the maternity passport has remained what it [ read more...]

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Artificial insemination: designer baby according to blueprint

Well, that's just the right topic for the start of the year and an exciting look into the future: "Designer baby according to blueprint" - an interesting article on the science page of the "Welt describes the possibilities of reproductive medicine, artificial insemination and [ read more...]

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