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The Mother's Passport Booklet: An obituary

The maternity passport was introduced in Germany in 1961. For almost 60 years now, the small light blue booklet has been in existence, in which the most important examination results of maternity care are entered. From time to time, there have been a few innovations, but on the whole, the maternity passport has remained what it [ read more...]

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Pain when pulling the Gynefix: What, that's it already?

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about the pain of IUD insertion. Blog post a while ago. We even started a small patient survey about it. But what about the pain during removal?

Normally, the removal of an IUD does not hurt. Nevertheless, many patients are afraid of the pain [ read more...].

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Gynefix copper chain: Training for the practice team

In our practice we place coils very often. The absolute front-runner is the copper chain. The demand has been increasing for years. Especially among young women who have not yet had children, there is a great interest in hormone-free contraception using the Gynefix copper chain great.

During the initial consultation on the phone or by mail, [ read more...]

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Pain during IUD insertion? Asked by the patients

In our survey on IUD insertion, we also wanted to know whether the procedure was perceived as uncomfortable or painful. This question is certainly on the minds of many who are looking for non-hormonal contraception and who might want to have a Copper coil, Copper chain or a Copper bead ball IUD insertion.

The insertion of an IUD is, of course, not a procedure that one [ read more...]

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Satisfied with the IUD? Asked by the patients

A few weeks ago, we conducted a small survey among the patients who have had an IUD placed with us. First and foremost, we wanted to know how we can continue to improve our service.

Whether women are satisfied with Gynefix & Co. is certainly of interest to all those who [ read more...]

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Artificial insemination: designer baby according to blueprint

Well, that's just the right topic for the start of the year and an exciting look into the future: "Designer baby according to blueprint" - an interesting article on the science page of the "Welt describes the possibilities of reproductive medicine, artificial insemination and [ read more...]

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Desire to have children: Ovulation tracker on the wrist

Interesting news for couples who want to have children: At the CES - the electronics trade fair in Las Vegas - a so-called "ovulation tracker" was presented that determines the fertile days in the female monthly cycle.

The sensor is worn on the wrist at night, measures nine different vital signs of the body and is [ read more...]

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