Notfalltraining mit „Arthur“

Das regelmäßige Notfallseminar für das gesamte Praxisteam begleitet uns nun schon seit vielen Jahren und ist ein wichtiger Teil des Qualitätsmanagements. Alle zwei Jahre trainieren wir Herzdruckmassage, Beatmung und den Umgang mit dem Defibrillator. Ein gut geübter Griff kann Leben retten.

Auch beim diesjährigen [weiterlesen…]

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Search for the lifesaver:
Defi? What is a defi?

"Where is actually the nearest defibrillator?" - the question that arose in the course of our Emergency seminar is still waiting for an answer:

My search for the "defi" started with google. Sure. After some wandering through the jungle of various cell phone apps, finally the answer to [read more...]

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Emergency seminar: Training for the moment X

A few days ago we had our regular training "Resuscitation and emergencies in the doctor's office" again. Every two years we practise cardiac massage, ventilation and how to use the defibrillator: "What to do?" in case of an emergency.

Fortunately, we have never had an emergency requiring resuscitation [ read more...]

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Internal training: Vaginal infections

Today we had another of our internal training sessions, for which our doctors kindly make themselves available on a regular basis. The topic: vaginal infections.

Complaints that indicate an infection in the intimate area are a frequent reason for visiting the gynecologist. Thus, we female employees at the reception are already [ read more...]

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Gynefix copper chain: Training for the practice team

In our practice we place coils very often. The absolute front-runner is the copper chain. The demand has been increasing for years. Especially among young women who have not yet had children, there is a great interest in hormone-free contraception using the Gynefix copper chain great.

During the initial consultation on the phone or by mail, [ read more...]

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